The Importance Of Split Sheets

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Split sheets are very important for all creators that collaborate with others. It can mean the difference between getting paid & not seeing a dime.

A split sheet is a simple document that lays out who owns what part(s) of a particular song. It should have the following:

  • Song title
  • Date
  • Names, Publishers & PROs of all writers
  • Split Percentages
  • Signatures of all writers

Standard practice is to split the percentages equally amongst the writers. For example, if there are two writers, the splits are 50/50. You can also break it down by lyric & melody. For example, if Writer A wrote the music & Writers B and C wrote the lyrics, Writer A would receive 50% and Writers B and C would each receive 25%.

The importance of the split sheet comes into play when a song is placed. If you have this split sheet signed and dated by all co-writers, you have proof of ownership. Several scenarios could occur without this backup, including the following:

  • Someone could claim more than their fair share & put the song into dispute. When a song is in dispute, no one gets paid until it is resolved.
  • You could miss the chance of a song placement because a writer couldn’t be found.
  • The song could get placed & someone could erase you from the credits. No credit = no royalties.

Split Sheet Example #1
Split Sheet Example #2

One Song, 7.5 Writers, 18+ Versions: “I Fight Dragons” Music Business Case Study

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A crazy story about I Fight Dragon‘s time on Atlantic and their (ultimately unquenched) desire for them to turn a cool track into the smash hit song they were certain waited inside of it. Downloads below:

If you’d like to listen to / download any of the demos of different versions for your at-home listening pleasure, click here.

(via I Fight Dragons Rock on YouTube)

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